Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness). It is usually performed to music and may be practiced in a group setting led by an instructor (fitness professional).

Formal aerobics classes are divided into different levels of intensity and complexity. Aerobics classes may allow participants to select their level of participation according to their fitness level. Many gyms offer a variety of aerobic classes. Each class is designed for a certain level of experience and taught by a certified instructor with a specialty area related to their particular class. 

Aerobics like jazz aerobics, step board aerobics, jumping aerobics, dance aerobics and weight aerobics are the different types of aerobics, and which all are include in AMBAR AEROBICS certification course.

  • AERO = Air = Oxygen
  • BIC = Bio = Life
  1. The heart enlarges.
  2. The heart increases its stroke volume.
  3. Oxygen is used more efficiently resulting in increased fat burning during exercise.
  4. Reduced risks in developing diabetes and other diseases.
  5. Increase in good cholesterol, decrease in bad cholesterol.
  6. More efficient cardiovascular system.
  7. A positive body composition change, more muscle less fat.
  8. Better chance of maintaining healthy weight later in life.
  9. Help in coping with all emotional and psychological stress.

What are the of cardiovascular benefits?

Aerobic exercise conditions the heart and lungs by increasing the oxygen available to the body and by enabling the to use oxygen more efficiently. It is only one factor in a total program of risk reduction; examples of othe factors are high blood pressure, cigarette smoking and high cholesterol level.

What are the additional benefits?

In addition to cardiovascular benefits, other benefits of aerobic exercise include:

  1. Control of body fat.(Aerobic exercise in conjunction with strength training and a proper diet will reduce body fat.)
  2. Incresed resistance to fatigue and extra energy.
  3. Toned muscles and increased lean body mass.
  4. Decreased tension and aid in sleeping.
  5. Increased general stamina.
  6. Pshycological benefits- exercise improves mood, reduces depression and anxiety.

What are the types of aerobics?

  1. Jazz (Floor)
  2. Jumping
  3. Weight
  4. Step board
  5. Aqua

Can I do aerobics and Yoga?

Of course yes. Anyone and Everyone from the age 6 to 65 can do because it’s a natural workout and under the guidance of certified trainers. People who are suffering from any bone problem can consult to the physician or trainer.

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