Personal Training Certification


Theory lectures

  • Introduction to fitness Industry.
  • Kinesiology- Movements of joints.
  • Physiology- normal function of Human Body.
  • Special Population
  • Introduction to weight lifting capacity
  • Stretching- how to improve flexibility.
  • Scheduling– how to design exercise for clients.
  • Cardiovascular Regulation– how to improve cardiovascular endurance, technique of doing effective cardio workout, how to calculate heart rate etc.
  • Fitness testing- how to check fitness level of client.
  • Basic Nutrition- basic idea about the nutrition with scientific reason.
  • Supplementation- brief idea about the supplements available in market.
  • C. P R {Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation} LIFE saving techniques in the event of drowning, suffocation, heart attack etc.

Practical session

Students will be taught 

  • how to do the exercise in proper form & techniques.
  • ·how to train their clients with proper form & techniques.
  • ·which are the muscles that get involved while doing a particular exercise.
  • ·what are the joint of action while doing a particular exercise.
  • ·Spotting techniques etc.

Exam – Written & Practical

Benefits of the course

Personal knowledge

Lucrative career

Well being

Free lancing

Self confidence

Our Clientele